Friday, March 18, 2005

Homer, Mar 05

From my Uncle......

I had some work in Palmer today, so I called to see if the Palmer
Earls would be up for lunch. They were, except they were going to do
it in Homer. I didn't have quite enough time for that, so I went by
the airport anyway to say hi. David was just finishing melting the
ice off the wings - with the assistance of the sun!

No clouds in sight, so I'm sure that they had a good trip.


My Uncle Don was right - we did have a good time in Homer. After an
awesome lunch at Olives, we drove around some property we wanted to
see, went to the new Fish and Wildlife Visitors Center which was
pretty cool, then bought the kids some boots at the gearshed and went
down to the spit to let them play on the beach.

It wasn't very warm, but they liked it. Hanna kept saying beach over and over, and was much
happier than her photo would appear.

There were hundreds of Eagles at the end of the spit (I'm still not
clear on why it's a good idea to feed the Eagles?).

The weather was clear, very slight breeze for Homer, and no winds
aloft. Beautiful coming back in the dark, and over Eagle River we saw
an incredible meteor - a brilliant white light that burned off to a
long yellow tail and looked VERY close - scared my co-pilot!

See you, Dave