Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Northbound Trip 2012 Part Three

Washington layover

Jake and I took a day to hang around Seattle.  I was surprised he'd never been there and was pretty sure (correctly) he would like it.

We had breakfast at my 'usual', the Soundview Cafe in the back of Pike's Market. Once a coworker and I were stuck by AK volcanoes in Seattle and another member of our party that I knew also liked the Soundview was waiting it out in Minneapolis.  I texted my guy in Minneapolis a photo of the Soundview cafe front door.  A few hours later I got a call... "I'll be at the airport in 3 hours to wait this out in Seattle with you guys".  We all had a great time for two days of volcano Alaska flight delays. :-)

Jake found a fellow traveler... quite a character.  That applies to both of them :-)

Then we took the ferry over to Bainbridge to visit my friend Jim, who gave us a nice driving tour and overpowered me to pay for lunch :-)

On the way back I had planned to visit the EMP (I've forgotten what it stands for - Experience Music Project ?) and the attached Sci-Fi museum, but had a sudden idea on the ferry... so I gave Jake the choice and we headed for the Underground Tour.  It was fun, but the jokes hadn't changed much from my original tour 30 years ago... :-)  Jake really enjoyed it. Well, I did too.  The tour guide was dressed like Rocky the Squirrel.

Then, since we were already in Pioneer square I was very happy to realize we were right next to Zeitgeist coffee which is great...  so a coffee break was in order!