Saturday, July 9, 2011

Earl Brothers Devils Pass Bike Ride

My youngest brother, Robert, wanted all the brothers to get together for a trip.  He decided we should ride our bikes to the Devils Pass cabin on the Resurrection trail, near Kenai Lake.  One of the brothers couldn't make it, but the penultimate and ultimate youngest (Howard and Robert) and I could.

It was a little over 10 miles up and took us a little over 5 hours.  It was grueling for me, but I had a really good time.  It was a fun ride and good to hang out with the "twins".

Almost above the treeline.

About 3 miles to go, I think.

There were a few steep drops near the trail.  Not too bad except when I was really tired and weaving.

Lots of stream crossings.  Nothing too bad; we didn't get wet.

The twins had told me that this trip was "nothing", "easy" and they'd "ridden it both ways", but they neglected to mention that they had done this when they were 22 years old...  :-)

There were a few snow crossings that DID get our feet wet.  One was hard enough for Rob to ride most of the way across, but most were a consistency where you would sink too deep if you carried your bike, so a bit of a slog.

Almost there...

Break at the top of the Pass.

Welcome sight!

It took us almost 5-1/2 hours to go the 10.2 miles.

The best pound and a half I ever carried ten miles uphill on a bicycle...

We walked back up towards Hope a bit and looked at all the Hoary Marmots around (a LOT of them),  Saw wolf or giant dog tracks and a bear track but nothing much more.  An eagle carrying an ermine flew by and there was a hiking party of two that went by on the main trail but that was it.

Nice views in every direction.

Robbie brought a stove and some fuel  so we had some freeze dried food...

... and I used up the remaining fuel for coffee in the morning.

 Heading back home. 

Lots of fun downhill.


There were a couple really nice rock crossings.  It must have been a LOT of work to fit these rocks together.

Rock balancing crossing.

Better than a rock balancing crossing.

On the way out we saw a couple bear hunters and a couple hiking parties but surprisingly few people.

Great lunch at Summit Lake Lodge and then I went home to hobble and lay about for a week.  :-)