Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring Training

I hadn't flown my own plane for 3 days short of 6 months. Some of that I was waiting for more cash to get an annual, but most of the time I was busy flying rented planes or out of town. I was home so little this winter (and it was WINTER!), that I was in no big rush to get it airworthy.

Today though, I took it up for a spin and remembered how much I love to fly it. Afterwards I called my mechanic and told him I couldn't believe how smooth it was compared to the flight school planes I've been flying. He said, "that's great, I'm busy, bye." lol

It was a beautiful Spring day..

I headed towards Big Lake, but some guy on the ground there told me there was 4 inches of slush so I just turned around and went home.

It's just a bit slower since I got the manifold pressure gauge replaced - was reading an inch low :-) But it's still pretty fast considering those tires.

I'm landing really, really well. I think because I've been flying so much, although not this plane. Some gusty pavement stuff was no problem. It only took about 7 years but I'm starting to feel pretty good in this thing, :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jake the Digger

We had a lot of dirt left over from the wall repair excavation (ongoing). We're going to backfill with rock to help keep pressure off the wall, so Jake is using the left over dirt to smooth and slope the ground around the playground...