Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring Training

I hadn't flown my own plane for 3 days short of 6 months. Some of that I was waiting for more cash to get an annual, but most of the time I was busy flying rented planes or out of town. I was home so little this winter (and it was WINTER!), that I was in no big rush to get it airworthy.

Today though, I took it up for a spin and remembered how much I love to fly it. Afterwards I called my mechanic and told him I couldn't believe how smooth it was compared to the flight school planes I've been flying. He said, "that's great, I'm busy, bye." lol

It was a beautiful Spring day..

I headed towards Big Lake, but some guy on the ground there told me there was 4 inches of slush so I just turned around and went home.

It's just a bit slower since I got the manifold pressure gauge replaced - was reading an inch low :-) But it's still pretty fast considering those tires.

I'm landing really, really well. I think because I've been flying so much, although not this plane. Some gusty pavement stuff was no problem. It only took about 7 years but I'm starting to feel pretty good in this thing, :-)


  1. Great pictures Dave. And you have such a nice looking plane. I wish I could get up there for a flight in it! Good to hear you are landing well. That's a very important part of the process. :) Stay safe bud.

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  3. Javalí, I have included a link to your blog on a new page "Foreign Language" on my aviation blog aggregator site

    Thanks, Keep flying! Dave