Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Commercial Maneuvers

I started getting some dual on commercial maneuvers to prep for my commercial/multi school in a couple months. I need about 7 more hours of complex time and figure I might as well try to get a leg up before I go to the school since it's accelerated and likely intense. I'm doing the training in a C172RG for the complex time.

So we're flying chandelles and lazy eights which are much harder than I expected. I've only got an hour, but don't feel very close to getting them.... My instructor said he could teach them to me in 3 hours max, so 'we' better get with the program, lol. He emailed me that he was looking forward to "seeing you try those manuevers again" which didn't give me a warm feeling, lol

If you're interested, the Commercial "Performance Maneuvers" are described in the really pretty good FAA publication "Airplane Flying Handbook" Chapter 9, starting on page 41.

So far though, we've been weathered out of 3 of the first 4 scheduled days.

My new instructor is a nice guy and a cop by day I think. We get along fine (one common thread with instructors is that they almost always comment that I'm fun to fly with:-)) so it should work out fine. He's a good resource too. Always providing handouts and information; He can put his hands on documentation really quickly and seems to have a lot of it.

Of course, I think I'm the perfect student - experienced enough so they don't get sick but don't catch on very quickly either :-)

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