Monday, October 1, 2012

Palmer Wind Storm

We've had one windy year in Palmer.  I don't think the winds this time were over 55 mph, which is not unusual in the winter, but is pretty strong for the fall.  The power was out for close to 20 hours.  Anchorage got hit a lot worse and had power outages for up to almost a week.

We had a tree down blocking the road, and smaller trees blocking both our driveways.

This one was pretty big - about 24 inches at the base.  It scraped a transformer and then lodged against the pole guy wire.  I'm not sure if the transformer was why the local power was out - it didn't look damaged.

Ants had gotten to the tree...  is "had gotten to" correct English?  Sounds OK to me.

I had to cut it into 5 parts so my tiny skid steer would pull it.

Jake did a good job hooking up chain to all the logs so I could drag them over to the woodpile.

Hanna showed up for the inspection tour :-)