Monday, August 30, 2010

Fly-in Alaska Wedding

Last year I met a guy named John who, with my Uncle Don, was up flying around the Knik.  Later I realized that he is a friend of Greg Swingle (who it turns out is friends with my Uncle also), and I have long enjoyed Greg's flying videos on Vimeo.  Got it?  I may have explained it better in this blog :-)  Anyway...  Greg and Becky got married near Palmer, AK and I was lucky to be invited.

Here's a link to the Wedding Video. 

Jake took most of the photos...  there's a chance my Uncle Don deserves credit for a few though:-)

The wedding party assembled.

Jake should shoot pictures for a living :-)
View from the ridge.

I helped John 'decorate' Greg's plane :-)

 We all met after for the reception down at another guys place on Hunter creek.  He had cooked Salmon, had hotdogs... very nice.
Bride and Groom arrive at the reception.
My kind of reception!!!

Hanna, Dad, Jake

Hunter Creek.

Funny thing about the Hunter Creek strip.  Due to some dispute between neighbors, you're only allowed to use one end or the other depending on whom you are visiting.  So, there's an equal amount of usable strip behind me in this shot.  Crazy, huh?

We had great time and my kids enjoyed it too.  I wish Greg and Becky the best and thank them for inviting us!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Denali Day Trip

One of our 'regular ' trips is to fly to Denali National Park and walk down to the nearest campground and the store for a snack. It's an easy one hour trip to a big strip (with a reputation for tricky downdrafts I have never actually seen, even in 25 kt wind) and a good path to and from the 'village' and the visitors center.

Hanna took a bunch of photos so there are some of Jake for a change.

We found a "new" trail coming back - the route through the campground we've used before was a steep direct shot to the airstrip. This one runs along a creek, under the RR trestle and comes out at the train station.

It was a little low heading out - couldn't go direct to Cantwell.

This was perpendicular to the way we were going.

The "Igloo".  Used to be a gas station - not sure what it is now.

Had to carry a bit - short lack of trail between the station and the road :-)

When traveling in bear country, ALWAYS send the smallest first!

Hanna really wanted this shot and spent quite a bit of time setting it up :-)

Jake at the store.  Hanna's photo.

Which way?  This is the trail back - nice all the way.

Hanna took a lot of photos.
Trestle just before the Denali station.

Jake and Dad.  This is the 'new' trail we found.

This shelter is because the RR  trestle is above.

On the way home - Hanna's photo I think.

Another of Hanna's photos I think.

Coming back through the Susitna Valley.

Calm, cool and collected pilot.  Or maybe asleep.

Your experienced flight crew.

Home Sweet Home! I love coming in over the town on a warm calm evening.