Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Niagara Falls

I had some work to do near Toronto so I made a couple side trips.

First I went to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum  which was pretty cool and I had a good time talking to a guy that had flown Lancaster's in the war...  I bought his book :-)

Then I headed for the Canada side of Niagara Falls which I hadn't seen before.  The town was pretty much closed but looked like it would be pretty carnival-ish in the summer - lots of wax museums and arcades.  I had lunch at a horrible "Italian" restaurant. :-)  Then walked around in the drizzle.

Tour boats stored for the winter.

The falls were fun to see.  I had forgotten there were two sets...

Fun with Hipstamatic...

Then on the way home the next day I stopped off in Detroit to watch my Cousin (2nd twice removed?) Eric play High School Hockey, which was a lot of fun.  He scored in the second period which was great :-)

At the game were some of my fathers first cousins - Eric's parents Howard and Audrey on the left and Phyllis and Randy on the right.