Friday, June 26, 2009

FlyingBlogFeed goes Live!! Cheerleader

After a lot of work and a tortuous learning curve (details on request) I am proud to offer FlyingBlogFeed.

I've built a website that aggregates the best of aviation blogs, sorted by category. I hope to keep the list fairly short - no more than 12 in each category that meet my 3 criteria:
  • Aviation related
  • Interesting
  • Regularly updated

This SHOULD be your "one stop shop" for the best of aviation blogs. Please visit and submit any comments (particularly in reference to the organizational structure or new feed recommendations) using the form on the website. (or click the picture)

Our thanks to Sir Jacob .D. Fredrickson Esq, billionaire creator of the Zeppelin GPS dash mount, for taking time out from his Zeppelin world tour to design the FBF logo.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lake Hood Beaver Crash

Link to you tube video of crash

No one was injured.

The accident report sanguinely states: "AIRCRAFT ON TAKEOFF STRUCK A FENCE AND CRASHED, ANCHORAGE, AK", so I'll be interested to see what the NTSB final says. Probably just pilot error, but maybe it was heavy, too.

I'm not going to second guess - it's bad enough what happened. Obviously SOME mistake was made... lol. Poor guy - bad luck having the videographer there (unlesss they were together?).

What ever happened, it's a real shame to mess up a beautiful bird like that...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bird Strike... Close to Home

You thought I was going to go on about US Airways Flight 1549 like every other pilot with internet access... lol

One of my employer's three-sevens flew into a few ducks climbing out of Fairbanks in late May. I wasn't on the plane.