Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big Sue April

After a pretty landbound winter I finally got out for some off-airport stuff last night. It was a nice night, pretty calm, a bit cool and we saw quite a few Moose and Eagles.

Coming into Hood Strip for some hanger flying with the locals and gas before I went home to Palmer, tower told me to keep my speed up (for what turned out to be another 180 that was about out of gas when I talked to the guy later) so I did - so much so that I bounced twice and had to go around.

My Uncle was following me on final and the tower controller told him to look out for the 180 going around... My Uncle said "Don't worry, I won't hit him - that's my nephew and my sister would kill me...".

There was a lot of pumice on the river bars which was interesting. It must have come from this winters volcanic activity, I brought some home and the kids and I floated it in water... there were also places where a few inches of sand had blown over the snow so it looked firm, but you'd sink in a long ways - very strange to walk on and probably no fun to land on.