Wednesday, June 30, 2010

... please no jeans!

Fly-ins aren't ALL the same...

I got an invitation to brunch at the airport John Travolta's based at. BUT WAIT... don't be impressed - it IS an "invitation"... but sort of like those "you've been nominated to be listed in the 'Who's Who'" invitations ... after you send the check... or nominated for the honor of buying Farmers Insurance, lol. I got it because I was flying out of Saratosa, FL (nearby) and still get the FBO newsletter. Cirrus Aviation (no relation to the plane) and good guys.

Anyway... I was struck by the difference between this and the "fly-ins" I'm used to.

Here's an excerpt from the invitation:

It's Brunch time!!
Bring your family and friends for a fun day with us at Jumbolair Aviation Estates! Enjoy a delicious brunch and take in beautiful views along the way... Experience a great fly-in featuring some spectacular aircraft at an unbelievable location.
Cost: $40 per adult; $20 for children. Please also plan a $10 gratuity per person. Dress is casual, but please no jeans!
Must RSVP!

You will have a great time!


Here's JT's 'strip'

Hmmm. Not hotdogs and apples by the fire on the beach...

Alaska "fly-in" - much better!!! Lol

Having said that... I WOULD go if I was nearby. It probably would be fun.... parking my big tired
taildragger next to the Citations would be fun anyway. :-). But I'd have to buy some pants. Long ones. Not denim. :-) And then replace them after I'd rubbed on the plane, lol

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