Saturday, October 8, 2005

Aviation N Expo

Today I went to the Aviation North Expo in Fbxs, which was OK, but a long way for what there was. The interesting thing was, at the transient parking I got a ride over from some people I met there... turns out she's Lonnie Chestnuts (Dons friend) sister and Danny DeVoe is staying with them. Then on the way back in the hotel van, there was an Anchorage couple that had come up in a 180 and turned out to be friends of Geoff Hershberger, a childhood friend and neighbor of mine. Small world. Also, I guess Haunie is living in their old house and their mother died too, which I hadn't heard or had forgotten.

The B24 is wrecked near Fairbanks at Wood River Buttes.... a local landmark called 'bomber'... as in "I flew all the way to bomber and didn't see a single Moose" - Which is exactly what I heard at Tamarak Air that prompted me to ask... "what bomber"? It's quickly going back to elemental Al it looks like..

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