Monday, June 18, 2007

Chitna River

Jake and I went over to the Chitina River 2 nights ago to meet up with my Uncle and some of his friends that were camping out there. It was a real pretty day... We got to Chitina in just over an hour but went down the Copper River for a while (wrong way..) getting hammered by 30plus MPH headwinds in the canyon before I figured it out. It was much nicer on the Chitina.

Taneta Pass was not too good either way - rain on the way out and then between layers on the way back (but we could see the land ahead so it was cool). Coming into Palmer it was raining pretty good and I was joking with Jake that we might want to go around to the runway with the approach lights to be sure of where we were but it all cleared up a mile or so out.

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