Sunday, March 1, 2009

Airplanes Suck

When you can't live without one... that sucks, too.

This is a flap track. It's a $500 part.

But that seems reasonable considering the new style is beefed up where this one cracked. And it's aluminum (you know how expensive THAT stuff is...) and it's 12 inches long and weighs 13 ounces. So it's not REALLY 500 dollars... it's only $41.67 per inch. Or, even better... only $38.48 per ounce. Now that seems pretty cheap.... doesn't it?

I mean, Gold costs more. Silver is $14/oz today. Hey, Palladium (not even really Platinum!) is $214/oz. I feel a LOT better.

Uh Oh... ... Aluminum is 67 an ounce .... that's 67 cents.

This is the crack in the flap track.

Because of the Robertson STOL and Monarch tanks... it took 32 hours to replace.

I'm calling the suicide hotline now.


  1. Hello. it seems a tad excessive to call the suicide hotline? but then again, 32 Hours seems a bit excessive too, but i geuss it was wedged in there...
    -Sir Jacob

  2. I was feeling pretty depressed myself around Christmas, so I called the suicide help line. Of course, they were all off for the holiday, so I was routed to Pakistan, and the guy on the phone got all excited, and asked if I could fly a plane or drive a truck.