Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!

After not flying for 145 days (whoa!) I finally got a chance today. It was a long day by the time I got the ice off, the engine preheated (it was 5F) and the battery charged but I don't think airplanes suck anymore. :-)

After a REAL short trip around the pattern to go back and thaw out the airspeed indicator, I landed at Birchwood and then took a look at Big Lake but passed because I couldn't tell how much snow there was.

My landings were real nice which I was worried about after so long a break and I got three (and logged them for a change) so I'm legal to carry passengers for the time being!

I had the prop balanced and it really made a difference - it was very smooth, particularly power off.

You can click on the pictures if you want them larger.

The good 'ol Spot Tracker...

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