Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cabin Helper

I went to help some friends unload a DC3 at their cabin site near Lake Creek. There's a link to a news video in this story - you can see my plane in the background when the DC3 lands and takes off and a couple pictures of me - riding on the back of a 4 wheeler and moving lumber in a green shirt… When they say her engines start on her own terms, no kidding - it took them 3 hours to get one of them running. It was a lot of fun, but turned out to be a long, wet, cold day after everyone else split and my friend and I relocated seemingly most of the 7000+ pounds of stuff to get it under tarps. I flew home in the dark exhausted and woke up pretty sore :-)

This guy made a really impressive short landing.

My plane on the strip.

Airstrip view.

View from the cabin site.

Owners Cubs.

This tent has an electric bear fence around it.

Cool storage - this thing was only $200 at Costco and is really well made.

From the air.

Video I took of the DC3 takeoff.

Link to Channel 2 News story about the delivery.

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