Thursday, September 30, 2010

Commercial Multi!!


You can call me:

Commercial Pilot
Airplane Single and Multiengine Land
Instrument Airplane

Since THAT'S what it says on my license, lol  (maniacally)

I'm pretty stoked.

I went to an accelerated school in AZ (stayed at a casino across the river in NV) and got the commercial and multi ratings. What a blast.

These guys have it made. A little strip in the desert...

A Beech 18 on floats...

A race car...

That was blown up...

Gliders, cropdusters.... lots of stuff :-)..

Ground school was in a trailer...

And pretty exhausting for some of us, lol.

This is one of the Beech Travel Air's I trained in

This is where we hung out waiting to fly...

The casino I stayed at was smoky but nice enough, particularly for only $22/night, had a nice pool, a beach on the Colorado River ...

And decent coffee and breakfast bagels in the parking lot:-)

With a nice mountain view in the morning.

My DPE was a crazy high strung East Coast guy (of course, to me, high-strung and East Coast are synonymous), but a thinking pilot.  Right off the bat, I knew he had something to offer when he pointed forward and said: "We're trying to get THERE", then pointed up and said: "Not THERE, So how about a little more Bernoulli and a little less Newton?"  I liked the guy a lot.

I didn't want to leave. I told them I'd come teach all next winter in exchange for a CFI... but the instructors work REALLY hard. No time off.... Harder than I want to work really :-)

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  1. Dave,
    I love it! I never thought that going to America, buying a rating and making it interesting could be pulled off. You did it and I congratulate you. Congrats on the Commercial. I look forward to sitting next to you at the AOPA CFI refresher clinics the law requires us to attend every two years to retain our ticket(s). Now if you can make the CFI event as interesting as the desert in AZ, you would truly be the man. I hope you are well.

    Stan English