Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Night Flight

It's hard to get ready to fly in the winter.

Preheating with the Red Dragon propane heater.  It was 10F.  An hour was more than enough.

Just over Turnagain Arm on my way to Kenai.

Nice Anchorage coming back in the dark.

It was worth it :-)


  1. Your first two pictures: did not envy you at all. Once that you were in the air, though, very jealous! How serene!

  2. AMAZING pix!!! Being in FL, I can't even remotely relate to the first 2 pix... (It's winter here in Tampa also, which means that I recently had to turn the A/C off) ... But I am so impressed at the effort you put in for for flight in Alaska!

  3. That is one of my wish to fly a private plane. The night pictures are just amazing. You're right, it's worth it.