Sunday, April 3, 2011

Earl Boys Cookout - Part 1

Jake and I headed up the Knik for a cookout late last summer. It wasn't the best of weather but a nice trip. I posted on Facebook and Twitter to see if anyone wanted to join us, but didn't get any takers.

Stay with me through the first few photos - they get better.

Heading out of Palmer.

 The view up the Knik.

The strip was a lot worse than I remembered.  Most locals call this the "picnic" strip because there's a plywood table there, but my Uncle and his friends call it the "Glasstar" strip because of some incident I didn't witness :-)

 I got crossed up on that big bump in a crosswind and later discovered I'd blown a brake which was a big part of the problem.  Jake said "I thought we were going to crash".  I said, "Dude, I've come lots closer than THAT". 

We had a hard time getting wet wood (that we'd brought with us) to burn, but finally had it going.

So we took a walk while the coals developed...

It's fun to walk around there - pretty open and lots of great views.  Looking back (obligatory plane shot, can't resist, sorry)!

First we walked down to the river and up toward the glacier.  Probably won't go all the way down to the river THAT way again - tiring scramble back up the loose gravel.  :-)

To be continued...

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