Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cochran Ovens

Jake and I went looking for the Cochran Coke Ovens. We'd heard they were nearby, alternately called furnaces, ovens and smelters by the local pilots we talked to, they turn out to be kilns that made coke from mesquite for use in smelters...  I presume for Copper since I think it was next to the Copper Basin Railway.

We found them by searching the internet - it's a popular 4X4 trip to the ovens up this river bed.

Lots of nice scenery.

We finally found the ovens after a couple false passes.  They weren't exactly where my GPS said and I strafed some likely looking rock formations first... but once they appeared it was obvious :-)

There are smelters and a ghost town somewhere that go with these... we'll try to find them some other time.


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  1. Dave, you and Jake had a nice flight indeed. I can see how the scenery below your aircraft can amaze a lot of pilots who wants to travel in such place also. I want to see your next blog about the ghost towns in this place. Great pictures!

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