Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Northbound Trip 2012 Part Two

 KPRB (Paso Robles, CA) to KOLM (Olympia, WA)

Day Three, Fly to Olympia

We launched hoping to get to Olympia but thinking it was probably too far for one day.  We landed at Red Bluff, Ca where they had the coolest upstairs airport view restaurant, then Roseburg, OR for gas and to check the weather. Roseburg's a real nice little town, the airport has a nice friendly FBO and we thought about staying, but a check of the weather led us to believe (correctly it turned out) that the weather was going to close in for a couple days so we pushed on.

We made it to Olympia, but apparently didn't take too many photos :-)

The FBO was great there (Glacier Aviation), but they didn't have tail tiedowns so Jake and I dragged the plane up on the grass and staked it down with our FlyTies, which are expensive, but we've used them a lot and they work great.  All we've tried them on is turf - I doubt they'd be too good in sand or beach gravel.  The FBO had really cheap rental cars too - only $25/day.

The tower controllers were very nice too.  They called me a couple miles out, said the wind had changed and did I just want to come straight in?  Heck yeah and thanks!

We toured the Evergreen State College campus the first day, then visited some friends where we dried out and Jake got a grudging cat fix from George the female feline.

Olympia was fun.  It drizzled a lot, but is very pretty.  I loved this bicycle growler carrier.

We stayed at the Governor Hotel, downtown with a view of the lake and Capitol and free parking.  It was just fine - easy to walk downtown and to the grocery store.

Jake liked the architecture...

And found some Art Deco details too :-)


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