Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First Knik Cookout for Hanna

Hanna rode in her carseat up front with me and glared hatefully until
she fell asleep because she didn't like her headset. But she did keep it
on! It's a little one made for kids - Julie had to make a pad to hold it a
ittle higher off her head, but the ear cups are smaller sized and it
fits her well. She can hear everything on the intercom, and talk into her
own mike.

This was a new spot for me - the 'usual' was in shadow so I landed
here. It was a good spot, but not too long for my experience level in the 180.
I was all impressed with my landing until the Supercubs showed up and landed in a quarter of the distance, and then took off crossways to the landing strip.

But they were a couple tricked out, light S-cubs without 2 kids,
firewood, lawn chairs, etc. in them and they can't cruise 130MPH... right?


This is from my Uncle -

Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 11:37 PM
Subject: First cookout of the season (at least for David, Jake and

After work I flew up to the Knik River and met David, his son, Jake,
and his recently adopted daughter, Hanna. There was a little bit of an
east wind, but it was not too cold - especially when we were close to the
excellent cook fire that David and Jake created (with wood hauled
from home).

Some acquaintances of David's were nearby as we were landing, so
David invited them to join us - they didn't stay for the fire, but I enjoyed
meeting them. They were both flying Super Cubs - with a little wind
they were airborne after about 100 feet (or less).

On the way home, I made a slight detour to look at a spot northwest
of Knik Glacier near Metal Creek where I thought I could land. After I
landed, I realized that I wasn't the first one to see this "runway"
there were a couple of rock cairns and some sticks propped up as
runway markers. I had not been able to see them when I was flying over,
they were obvious once I was on the ground. Once I knew the markers were there, they were very useful as guides.

After we really started for home, we spotted a whole bunch of swans
on Swan Lake - just east of Jim Lake. As I crossed Knik Arm at about
2000', the sun was just beginning to set - at about 9:40 p.m.
Summerwill be here soon...


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