Thursday, August 4, 2005

Talkeetna with the kids

I took the kids up to Talkeetna for the afternoon today. We had a nice time, a great lunch at the West Rib and ice cream at Nagleys.

Went to the museum and just walked around. K2 was flying their turbine Otters - Jake said he wants one when he gets the 1.5 mil. K2 told us not to walk on the ramp - I knew they didn't like it, but they've never said anything before. The stroller must have looked suspicious. Actually there was a lot of traffic - 2 or 3 planes loading or unloading all the time and they just don't want to hit anyone. The weather was intermittent rain, but we didn't get too wet - hid in the museum for the worst of it. There were a lot of people... the Princess Lodge must be doing pretty good.

The photos are self explanatory except for Hanna signing 'airplane' at
Don Sheldons gravesite.

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