Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seldovia Trips

The kids and I have been to Seldovia a couple times this summer. Most of these photos are from yesterday, which was sunny warm and beautiful. They had a big thunderstorm in Palmer while we were gone but it was all cleared up by the time we got home.
We've been using our new 'spot' tracker that sends our location to a website every ten minutes. Theoretically, searchers should be able to pinpoint our location within 10 minutes if we disappear, but it's not actually quite that good - it doesn't always update every ten minutes and you can cover a lot of ground in a new direction in ten minutes. It should narrow down a search a lot though.
Coming out of Palmer over the 'Friday Fling' downtown

It was generally clear, but there were a few to dodge... We went down at 8500. I've been throttling back to 20 inches and 2200. I should be getting 10.5 GPH and am still going 125 MPH.

Seldovia slough. There were a lot of fish that a few kids and tourists were snagging.

After lunch (inside on a beautiful sunny warm day at Hanna's insistence...) We went for a walk on the dock - I forgot to ask Jake to take a picture but there were a lot of large lingcod on the dock. The fishermen said they'd been out 8 hours to get them though.
We walked down to a new spot we hadn't been before..

Which turned out to have a real nice little beach. We had a hard time convincing Hanna to leave but I was getting sunburned.

We ran into Lego photographer Zachary Smith shooting some of the local sealife.

We went and took a look at the Jakalof Bay strip which I'd never seen before. It looks fine but if departing to the E might require some planning... no photo of THAT either because I had Jake looking out for power lines, sorry. Coming back over the spit...

Intermittent rain on the way home but no problem. Halfway home I abandoned economy and ran it up to 140MPH :-) It still took 1.7 Hrs.

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