Saturday, September 20, 2008

Seward Saturday

Julie and the kids are still touring in the motorhome and I came home for a bit, so I went down to Seward today - just to take a ride and to meet some of our friends that were staying down there. I never did meet them though because I stopped in town for an overpriced lunch and then left in a hurry as the ceiling lowered. It didn't ever get that bad - In hindsight I could have stayed.

I first stopped in Hope to check out the strip improvements. Real nice, except I'm going to talk to the FAA about a 5 foot tall "1/2 Way" marker that is right next to the runway.

Coming out of Hope up the Resurrection trail it was pretty....

Coming into Quartz Creek. I stopped briefly here, too.

Nice day in Seward. No wind when I got there.

Coming into Devils Pass from Crescent Lake.. I saw a Black bear but lost it turning around for a better look.

Good thing I know the way through here!

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