Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Not Huge Day :-)

We got a pretty late start due to drying out the tent, lots of traffic much of the night including a jet medevac that pulled up right next to us with the light flashing ambulance, then they refueled which all took from 3-4 AM. The patient was fine (complicated baby delivery we heard later), and I had to troubleshoot the intermittent start problem.
I spent some time looking for a mechanic, which I found, and a solenoid to buy and take with me, which I did not.
Luckily I found a broken wire when I pulled the cowl, so I was pretty happy. I forced ten bucks on the mechanic that put a new terminal on the wire for me...

All done and working!

We ran on down to Grande Prairie. It was more wind than I like and a direct x-wind because the runway I wanted was closed... but I had some ideas the tower wasn't buying...
"How about I use 25 at my own risk?"
"Can I land on that grass by 30?" long silence and lots of stammering then
"No one's ever done that..."
So I sucked it up and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I was working pretty hard but didn't hit the aileron stops.
We bought some gas and left the plane at the FBO.

The FBO told us the 737 behind us hit three seagulls on final, but I hadn't seen any birds.
We walked over to the terminal to look for lunch and Flight Service talked me out of going further South along the "front range" today so instead of lunch we got a shuttle to a Holiday Inn hoping it will settle down some tomorrow.
I was filling out my logbook and showed Jake a disturbing trend in our daily progress :-)


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