Sunday, August 21, 2011

More weather holds

We waited around Whitehorse (and got a call from my friend Greg who was there on floats - small world) for the weather to clear to Watson lake for a few hours and left when it looked like it was improving, a few rain showers but ceilings were fine. It has been non-stop chop to light all the time :-(

Watson Lake

Trip photographer at work (these will be great black and whites).

We decided at Watson Lake not to chance forecast severe turbulence in the trench, so headed to Ft. Nelson for the long way around. Ft. St. John had gusts to 30 so we held up here until tommorrow, and John looks to be laying down as forecast.

We have an intermittent starter solenoid (I think), so I'll see if I can find one tomorrow (not likely) or clean the contacts on the existing one.

There are a lot of helicopters here; a few of these...

are doing crew changeout at shale gas sites that are only a few minutes away. We're taking showers at a "crew shack" where we bought gas. Real nice people - they left us a truck we're going to use to look for good coffee in the morning.


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