Thursday, August 18, 2011

Southbound 2011

In a day or two Jake and I will depart for F70, French Valley (Temecula, CA) in the 180. I say "the 180" as if there might be a Citation or Socata option :-). We have about 23 days before I need to be back at work so are going to take our time as much as my 'target fixation' will allow. This is our expected, general, route...

Weather, stamina and interest permitting of course. We only have a couple plans: clear US Customs at a grass strip in a hop field in ID (Eckhart International), camp at an Idaho fly-in lakefront campground (Cavanaugh Bay), visit Jake's Grandpa in Boise, visit my Great (in every sense) Uncle Burt and other friends in Paso Robles and aerial view the geoglyphs outside of Blythe, CA.


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  1. Good luck (and hopefully tailwinds) ... Sounds like an awesome journey!