Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Somewhere in Canada Must Really Suck...

...because it blows like hell in Grand Prairie. Jake and I layed over while it gusted to 40 MPH today. We went to the airport and doubled up on the plane ropes and made sure we hadn't worn out our FBO parking welcome. We rode to the airport in the hotel shuttle with a Jazz pilot that flew on a Grande Prairie, Calgary, Edmonton circle. I asked him how far from GP to Calgary and he said "I don't know, we don't fly an airplane any more, we just push buttons", which sounded like BS to me. How could he not know?
The terminal has a cool wind vane.

We took a cab downtown which wasn't very cool but we walked around and then about five miles back to the hotel, some of it along a very nice river walk.
Downtown we spotted evidence of localized Rapture. The only Grande Prairie resident free of sin is gone I'm afraid.

By the time got back we were exhausted by being wind pummeled.
I didn't take any pictures because I was obsessively checking weather all day.
Good news - the runway aligned with the wind is open again and the wind seems to be dying down so we're trying to be ready to go at sunrise.


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